Riding in the car with Invention this evening and listening to her tell some story in which a teenaged acquaintance is taking “pregnancy pills” … Tied right into something I’ve been thinking about involving homeopathic birth control.

So if the basis of homeopathy is to take something you DON’T want, dilute it to the point that it doesn’t actually exist anymore, and then introduce it into the body to cue the body’s own immune system to… I dunno… shut that whole thing down somehow… So bear with me a minute here. If I were to take a swimming pool, fill it with distilled water, dip a baby in it and then drink the water… shouldn’t that logically work as birth control?

I’m not sure. Might have to use semen instead of a baby.

And might have to douche with it…

But still, I think I might be able to sell this to people.

If I were evil…


2 Responses to “Homeopathy”

  1. I see your error. You used the words “homeopathy” and “logically” in the same argument as if they could somehow apply to each other. :)

    • Now now… I used the word logically WITHIN the self contained worldview of homeopathy. IF one accepts the premise, then LOGICALLY this must follow.

      And if that is so, then the people who were illogical enough to accept the premise would logically be a perfect market for the product.

      Once again, IF I were evil…

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