Really? Eighteen Cents???

So I went to the latest in a long line of specialists to try to figure out what is wrong with my hands. Three specialists, an EMG and an MRI later, I still have no idea what is wrong with my hands. But I do have a bill from the latest doctor for $0.18.

I paid my office visit copay of $30. Twice actually. The second time for a consultation that lasted approximately five minutes during which he basically said, “I dunno…”

Today I got a bill for $0.18. Apparently the insurance paid a portion, and the office wrote off a portion. Between the two it was supposed to be covered, and it basically was. It isn’t like eighteen cents makes much difference to me one way or another. It is the principle of the thing.

It is ridiculous. I could mail them a check. Of course the cost of the stamp will more than double the amount of the bill. I could drive over and pay them. I am tempted to do so in pennies… but parking in that neighborhood is likely to cost me at least a dollar once I factor in putting extra in the meter to avoid a $50 ticket for an expired meter. I could use the handy pay by phone service that will let me know if my meter is expiring and let me put more on it, but of course there is a $0.45 service fee.

And let us say I do pay by check, it is going to cost them more than $0.18 to process. Hell, it cost them way more than that to mail me the bill in the first place.

What I am really tempted to do is call the billing department and ask to put it on a credit card.


UPDATE: Tempted as I was to tape 18 pennies to the bill and send it in, postage be damned, I called the billing company instead. They were as nice as could be and immediately wrote off the charge, agreeing with me that it was completely stupid.

On the other hand, I may yet get a late  bill.


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