Right and wrong

He seemed like such a nice boy.

I mean I guess he IS a nice boy, it’s just that he comes from such a different socio-economic background and he has obviously been raised with different values than we have in our family. Still, he has always been nice when he came over to the house… as far back as kindergarten! And I suppose he can’t really help how he has been raised. It’d be a funny old world if we were all the same.

However I am disappointed. I mean I don’t care so much if he wants to live like that, and apparently his parents are fine with it, but to try to push it on others is annoying to say the least. I’m just glad that I’ve raised my son to just say no to that sort of thing, and not feel he needs to go along just to be one of the guys. After all, it is pretty common at his school and it can’t be easy to be one of the only ones who doesn’t believe in it. I’m really proud that he feels strong enough in his values that he will openly go against his friends, even when they are critical.

I am speaking, of course, of religion.

I realize that the boy is his friend, but what kind of friend would tell someone that they “can never be happy” without believing in God? His parents may be Republicans. They may be multi-millionaires. They may own a private jet and be able to buy and sell our entire family ten times over, but MY son would never say something like that to someone.

We atheists have little things called values, and manners.

That’s one boy that isn’t getting any more cookies.




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