On the coming blood


With blood coming out of my eyes
do I cry too much?
do I take it too personally?
don’t I look trustworthy?
am I too aggressive?
am I unprofessional?
am I not likable?

With blood coming out of my mouth
do I not SMILE?!
am I too angry?
do I Sound Shrill?
am I too motherfucking crude?
am I not Lady Like?

With blood coming from my breast
am I not strong enough?
do I have the “stamina?”
do I care too much?
or too little?
or just not in the right way?
am I not relatable?

With blood coming out of my wrists
with blood pooling in my hands
have I not used them well enough for you?
have I reached too high?
have I not carried enough children?
have I not carried enough water?
are they stained with the blood of innocents?
do you not believe?
that I bleed for them myself?
every damned day?
am I not responsible?

With blood coming from my… wherever…
from between my legs?
from betwixt my thighs?
from my dark, secret, terrifying, hysteria?
from my irrational womanhood?
bleeding from my lying, death dealing, bloody handed Cunt?
from my treacherous, uncontrollable VAGINA?
am I not WELCOMING enough?
do I wear the wrong clothes?
do I not wear enough clothes?
did it mean I askedforitwanteditlikedit? DESERVED. IT. i deserved it.
do I remind you of your mother?
or your daughter?
did I REFUSE to be a mother?
without permission?
did I REFUSE entry?
to your conservative christian Values?
to your cock
to your semen
to your TRANS…vaginal…ultra…SOUND?
to your idea of what it means to SOUND like a leader?
like a woman?
to BE a woman?
did I refuse to refuse?
refuse to be CLAIMED as property?
Broken. Property. Refuse.
a Fallen madonna who Stepped
QUITE deliberately, and with Malice Aforethought, STEPPED
off of her pedestal
who didn’t Know Her Place?
does my power diminish you?
do you BELIEVE that it is illegitimate, illegal, ill-timed?
am I too old too fat too ugly too prudish too slutty too quiet too LOUD too ABRASIVE too pretty too damned much TOO Power Hungry? TOO HUNGRY.
am I just. too. god. damned. tired?

are my tears not enough?
are my words not enough?
is my love not enough?
is my work not enough?
is my blood not enough?
is my Life Not ENOUGH?

then Fuck You.
no really. Fuck You and the horse you rode in on.

I am your grandmother who loved you.
I am your mother who bled for you.
I am your lover who trusted you.
I am your daughter who deserves more from you.

and if you do not
if you Can Not
If you WILL NOT?

The answer is phrased in the form of a question.


* For those of you who want to see the actual poem laid out in a way that WordPress won’t do and find the colors distracting.





2 Responses to “On the coming blood”

  1. Gretchen McDaniel Says:

    My mouth is hanging open. This is fucking POWERFUL. My first response is to read it again to make sure you said what you said. Next, to run to my studio, and create art in response. Thank you!

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